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 Barbara Voit

Barbara Voit,  is a computer programmer
at the Orange County Public Schools Administration, Floryda US.
email: bvoit@cfl.rr.com

Presented works:
Mój punkt widzenia 
Napisz swoje życie 

tłumaczenie wierszy księdza J.Twardowskiego
   Rev. Jan Twardowski  Translated to English by Barbara M. Voit        Let's Hurry     Still  
 Let's Hurry 

Dedicated to Ann Kamieńska

Let’s hurry to love people ‘cause they leave so soon
Only their shoes and deaf phone remain
Only what is unimportant lingers like a cow
What’s most important rushes so fast
Then normal so unbearable silence exists
Just like purity derived from despair
When we think about someone that we’re left without
Don’t be convinced that you still have time because it’s not assured
And we loose our tenderness like good luck
That comes as both pathos and humor
Just like two passions are lesser than one
And hurriedly leave like a bird in July
Just like a sound not very accurate or a dry respect
To really see you need to close your eyes
Though it is a higher risk to be born than die
We still love too little and too late
Don’t write about it too often but write once and for all
So you’ll be like a dolphin gentle and strong
Let’s hurry to love people ’cause they leave so soon
And those who do not leave not always return
And you never know when speaking of love
Whether first is the last one or last is the first


You still hold on to your happiness by the hair
 Keep leftovers in any mug
You write a diary like building yourself a statue
That’s why the air is nourishing you sparingly
Not leading you invisible hands
What is great does not come willy-nilly
Pain is useless – ‘cause you‘re not dying
You don’t give of yourself
Then how should you get everything

O Tłumaczce
Barbara M. Voit jest magistrem anglistyki z UMCS w Lublinie.  Od 1980 roku mieszka w Orlando na Florydzie, gdzie przez ostatnie 20 lat pracowała jako programerka komputerów dla Administracji Szkół Publicznych w Hrabstwie Orange(OCPS).  

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