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Barbara Osuchowska poems

translated to English by Ula de B.


About the sunset above the sea
(in memory of Joseph Conrad)


Seagulls’ screams call the imaginary        And I see the ancient words 

Already on the sky-blue waves               The crimson vessels race 

The sea is their cradle                     Dark abyss is their thumb 

Wifes of the Vikings never cry              Feminine weakness is their strength 

The Poseidon’s music rings on               The hum of the sea’s shells and horns 

For there’s a need for a new offering       To the ancient gods 

A young man stands on the shore             Listening to the voice of waves 

He talks to his the ghost  of his father    He raises his steel sword  

In the blade’s red brilliance               The sun’s firry death 

The clouds as white wings                   They flare as a pearly crown 

So many men have died                       As they left to concur the world 

The vessel ready to leave                   Stands in the port all set 

Long centuries will pass                    Till water returns its extortion 

Human sadness is always alive               Sobbing is present in the night’s 

Here the story breaks away                  Far from here the ship is gone 

It’s just a puny page                       From my diary of sea dreams


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